“Alpaca Girl” Onboards at VoiceNation

“Alpaca Girl” Onboards at VoiceNation

Voicenation Onboarding

Voicenation OnboardingIn August of 2015 I became a new member of VoiceNation as the “alpaca girl.” -And the girl that no one even knew worked there.

Let me explain.

Jay (President) asked me to assist him as the Event Coordinator to plan an alpaca show he was helping host. I had no idea what an alpaca was, but without hesitation I agreed. It became a joke not just at work, but home as well that I was the “alpaca girl.” (I am being serious, you can watch the video here.) I worked from home so people did not see me often except for occasional alpaca video recordings in office. I’m sure half of my co-workers had no idea who the random girl was coming in to take videos. After the alpaca show, I continued to work part time (from home) for VoiceNation as the Event Coordinator. I helped plan the end of the year party including fun games, giveaways, and food!

Upon graduation from college I came on full time as the Event Coordinator. I now not only help with events, but also have my hand in marketing and the company spokesperson. I get three awesome duties in one. Although I had been on staff for a year, I did not ever see any of my coworkers, I didn’t know too much about the office culture, nor did I know procedures expected of me weekly.

So I was given, just like any new member, a two week period of on-boarding. This means you read five books and write reports on them for two weeks. I’m kidding obviously, it does include a lot of that, but so much more fascinating things that have already inspired and motivated me. I know lots of people starting a new job (especially right out of college) are extremely pumped for their “big girl/boy” job, and yes that may apply to me, but that is not all that these first two weeks of on-boarding were for me. I was not and am not motivated because I’m excited I got my first full time job. I am excited because I now know that I am now a new family member of a company that takes excellent culture for their employees serious.

I began by doing the typical papers and reading through procedures. Then I got the chance to individually meet with different team members to learn what they do at VoiceNation. Each person seemed passionate about their job, and on top of that they were so welcoming to me. I had several people come up and start conversations with me and some even asked how I have been….so they did know that I worked with them before… Not once did I feel left out or like I wasn’t already a part of the team.

I learned VoiceNation cares a lot about their staff and doesn’t just want to give them a place to work, but also a place to grow. This is why we are given “moodle” to complete each morning before we begin working. What is a moodle I thought? Moodle is actually a program of VoiceNation University where we log in to lessons that gives us articles, blogs, and videos that all have a purpose. Each lesson we learn something- for example about happiness and how to apply it to our lives and work environment. I LOVE this. I love that it starts my day on something positive and gives me a challenge to continue that positivity throughout my week. On Fridays instead of doing a moodle, we have a staff development meeting where we get to play games, listen to videos, etc. that tie into our moodles from the week.

I know I’ve joked about the reading, but as much as I probably don’t want to admit it the books have already benefited me. It was amazing as I read each book how each one somehow correlated to the next one. They were all leadership/habits/attitude type of books, but they kept me wanting to read more! I was learning so much about how to be productive and how to think more positive. They have already made a difference in my attitude, even at home. I love that the company requires these books during on-boarding and that the terms from the book are used in the culture. For example, “Fail forward” is a term from one of the books that makes you look at every failure as a learning opportunity and to not let it bring you down. In the past two weeks I have already heard a few of my coworkers use that term and many others from the books during conversations with me.

Lastly, I was completed two on job trainings. First with Jason, our Marketing Specialist that I will be working side by side with some. He was so willing to go over things with me and answer any of my questions. He helped me feel comfortable and ready to dive in to my job. Second, I was able to train in the call center and learn what a day in there looks and feels like. I learned how to even take calls myself. It was eye-opening to see how much each representative truly cares about each call. They spend hours answering calls and each one sounds like the very first one of the day!

I had a successful and fun two weeks of on-boarding, and it is safe to say I’m with an amazing company!

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