Don't be busy, be merry! Wait...that's not how the song goes, is it? Of course not! Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but the truth of the matter is that it probably is the busiest time as well. Every year every one of us makes a promise to ourselves that we are going to simplify, slow down, and focus on the "right things" this time of year, but every year we seem to pile on one more Christmas parties, one more dinner with friends, and one more mad-dash shopping spree to get your kids the new virtual reality glasses, Minecraft legos, or Star Wars toys that your they "just can't live without". (By the way, that will be the same toy that will be laying on the floor in the middle of the night, that hasn't moved in a month, that you step on and experience a new level of pain.) Oh, and of course, these things are piled on your already busy day that is filled with business meetings, kids' sports games, and Christmas choir practice...not to mention dinner hasn't been cooked yet either. If you are like me, just reading that stresses me out. I sit back and think to myself, "How in the world am I going to get everything done that I need to get done before Christmas, more or less today!" You know better than anyone, your business is the same way during the holidays. Most businesses see a huge increase of traffic and sales this time of year and on into the new year. For many of you, this is the time of year where you make or break your business for the whole year. All businesses are affected by the Christmas Season and the rush to the end of the year in one way or another. I have a buddy, who is the Chief Operating Officer at a small law firm, that told me all of their attorneys are working Saturdays just to meet the needs of all the people who are showing up. Saturdays have become their busiest day during the holiday season. And all you have to do is even think about stepping foot in a Target or Wal-mart and you will immediately break out in a cold sweat at the thought of the madness you will experience. So, you can see businesses, big and small, are experiencing the "most busiest time of year". This is where we come in to help relieve your anxiety and stress. This is our sweet spot! Whether it is handling your overflow calls, being your virtual receptionist, setting appointments, or taking your business calls on the weekends, after hours, or even on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (at no extra charge!), rest assured you can kick back this holiday season. You will be able to completely relax and enjoy this time with your family, have that extra cup of eggnog and watch A Christmas Story for the 100th time - just don't shoot your eye out with your Red Rider BB gun like Ralphie did! Worst case scenario, you can, at least, have that extra time to run out and battle the crowds to fend off the other wild-eyed parents to grab the last Hatchimals Egg in the United States, and possibly all of North America. Check out our 24/7/365 solutions today to find the right fit for your business or feel free to call one of our rock-star reps at 1-877-774-1717. Maybe our 40for40 plan was designed with you in mind during this time of year to handle your messages so you don't have to worry at all or maybe you need a more in-depth plan with our live answering service and appointment setting feature. No matter what your need is, we have your Christmas Holiday season covered!  Relax and be merry. After you sign up, be sure to come back and share with us your favorite Christmas memory growing up. We will be sharing some of ours soon!