Christmas Memories From Us!

Christmas Memories From Us!

​Christmas is full of shopping, lights, family, wrapping, baking, traditions, and most importantly memories. Most of us can look back and remember things about different Christmas’ that we cherish and recall as if it were yesterday. I know personally I always love black Friday shopping because it starts the rush of Christmas for me. I can remember one year staying out all night with mom at the mall walking around laughing and talking. Those moments and memories are what make Christmas so special to me.

I love hearing about other Christmas traditions and memories people have from Christmas time. So, I asked some of our VoiceNation employees what their favorite Christmas memory was and here is what they had to say:

I just enjoy waking up with my family and getting to spend the day with them.    -Mr. James

 My mom was a single parent of 3. So we were home alone a lot. One year the church donated us a lot of gifts. Me being the oldest I talked my brother and sister into opening all the presents while our mother was at work. We carefully removed the tape on every gift to see what it was and then resealed them. Needless to say, Christmas was not a surprise that year. Now that we are adults we finally told our mother what happened.    – Audra

It was Christmas 1997 and I had just had my son. At this time my daughter had just turned one in October. My son was born November 18, 1997. It was bittersweet. This was my daughters first real Christmas and I was bringing home my newborn baby boy. (I Thought) My son had stopped breathing during birth and it took a team of excellent doctors and nurses to bring him back. I was going crazy. He was born with RSV and had Pneumonia. It was not looking good. They sent in a pastor to pray with me and my family at the time and within the hour, things started to turn around. He was very sick but, was breathing slightly with a breathing machine. They took him away and for weeks I was not able to even hold him. So Christmas was coming and he was still in the hospital very sick. It was again my daughters first real Christmas and I had no job and was dealing with all sort of issues with my living situation. However, I made a Christmas wish with the Hospital and they came on Christmas day with The St Louis Cardinals Baseball team while I was in there holding my son for the first time and they came to bless us so BIG that I could not believe it. We received so much, they had to have a truck to take the stuff home. We had food, furniture, toys, gift cards and more. I was able to bring my baby home December 27th on my birthday with so much love. This was by far, the best Christmas ever. My children are now 19 and 20 and in good health. God Is Amazing. Merry Christmas       – Stacey

My favorite Christmas memory is something more of a tradition. Every year we have a rule: wait for everyone to wake up before going downstairs. My younger brother and I would sit on the top of the stairs in front of my parents’ room bright and early waiting restlessly to go down. My brother and I made a game out of it. We would take turns walking half way down the steps to peek around the corner at the tree to see what Santa had left. One of us would stay at the top of the stairs and watch my parent’s door. When they would finally come out, we all went downstairs. We’d start with the stockings first while my dad made breakfast and homemade biscuits and gravy. We would go and open presents while dad started a fire. When breakfast was done we would all sit in the living room watching a new movie we got or a Christmas show while we all sat together. My brother and I would play with our new toys. I remember one year I just took a nap on the floor with my dog. I loved getting toys and presents as much as the next kid but I loved spending time with my family most. To this day, my favorite time of the year is Christmas because I can always create new memories with my family.       – Leslie

After high school, I moved to Australia to attend college. I couldn’t afford to travel back and forth so I was unable to spend holidays with my family. One Christmas, an Aussie friend of mine invited myself and some other friends to spend Christmas with her family. I had spent the past 2 Christmases alone, and her family took me in and made me feel like I was one of theirs. We had an amazing lunch, spent the day by the pool and the evening at the beach (December is Summer in AU). It was a perfect Day.       – Lauren

About 10 or 11 years ago, my sister worked at Walgreens. The store was supposed to be having pictures with Santa a few weeks before Christmas and the person they hired to be Santa backed out at the last minute. So being the big-bellied, helpful person he always was my dad volunteered to be Santa. To this day my favorite picture of him will always be him in a Santa suit, with white hairspray to make him look older (not that he needed the spray). It’s one of my favorite Christmas memories.     – Courtney

Merry Christmas from all of us at VoiceNation! Feel free to share with us your favorite Christmas memory!

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