Don’t get spooked…Not all answering services are the same

Don’t get spooked…Not all answering services are the same

Live Answering Service Zombies

We understand jumping into the world of using an answering service can be a little spooky and intimidating to people that have never used one or heard “horror stories”. Keeping all of this in mind, we built our business and services with simplicity and the assurance of the highest level of customer service available. A lot of other companies have ghosts in the closet that pop up when you least expect them like cumbersome/expensive plans, long activation periods, and horrible customer service, so what should you be on the lookout for when scouting out a live answering service for your business?

Zombies Answering The Phones

Live Answering Service Zombies

First thing first, having a real, live person answering the phone is a great start, but most people that work in answering service are real…and alive…hopefully. It goes beyond just having a pulse. It comes down to the training, passion, and the personality of the customer service reps that will be handling your calls. Here at VoiceNation, our Call Experts are thoroughly vetted from the very beginning through our intense interviewing process. Once in the family, they go through a very hands on onboarding system to make sure that when they start taking your calls they are ready to give the “white glove” treatment that your customers deserve. It doesn’t stop there, all team members participate in ongoing training, quality control, and coaching on a daily basis. No “Walking Dead” answering the phones around here. Each call is handled on an individual basis based on your script and the needs of your customer.

The Midnight Hour is Part of Their Schedule

One of the biggest reasons to hire an answering service is for them to take calls and handle your customers when you are not in the office. The benefits of having a 24/7/365 answering service go well beyond taking care of your customers during your peak times. For most businesses, when the doors are closed, the lights are off, and you have gone home to your family, then customer service stops until the night is over and the sun comes up, or you have recovered from your candy overload of Halloween trick-or-treating. Making sure your live answering service is there when you are not, is even more important than when your doors are open. Check and make sure around the clock and holiday coverage is available, and remember it should not come at an extra cost either.

Raising the Dead is Easier and Quicker Than Activation

We live in a day and time when things should be quick. In running a business, it is important to have things taken care of quickly. The activation process for your new phone line and setup of your answering service account should not take forever. Anything less than Instant Activation is unacceptable these days. You do not have 5 days to wait like with those other answering services. We understand that you need to move, and move quickly, to have your customers taken care of. No need for anything supernatural to make it happen, it is just part of who VoiceNation is.

They are Not Stuck in the Past just Howling at the Moon

Innovation has to be a cornerstone of any successful, growing answering service. What does this mean for your business? Well, if an answering service is not changing, innovating, and trailblazing into the future then you and your customers will be stuck in the past. Everything from training to technology to service offerings, all of these have to be evolving in today’s business landscape. You don’t want to be using an answering service, like many out there, that are just as happy using the same out of the box technology that they have for years along with the same training programs. Here at VoiceNation, we created our own state-of-the-art software to tackle this mindset of innovation in software, so we can stay a step ahead of others in our industry. To provide better service an answering service has to be willing to learn, grow, and change to meet the changing times and evolving needs of customers and businesses…and sometimes look into the crystal ball to see and anticipate what those needs will be.

So, as you can see there are many things to look at when choosing a live answering service or virtual receptionist service. Just like trying to find a costume for Halloween each year, it can be overwhelming determining which is the best way to go.  Again we understand this and that’s why VoiceNation’s live answering services were created and designed just the way they are – to be professional, simple, innovative, and to help grow your business. Give us a call to start your VoiceNation Experience today and choose from one of our simple, straightforward pricing plans.

Remember, stay away from the zombies and don’t get spooked by choosing the wrong solution for your customers and business.

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