Employee Appreciation Day – VoiceNation Style!

Employee Appreciation Day – VoiceNation Style!

VoiceNation Employee Appreciation Day 4

A lot of businesses think of their employees just as “people to fill a seat or just make the business money.’ Here at VoiceNation, we view things very differently. We know that our employees are our most valuable assets. VoiceNation would not be who it is today without our people.  Each and every one of them adds something unique and special to us.

As we celebrated Employee Appreciation Day today, we had several “surprises” for our staff lined up to show our thanks and appreciation for each of them. We started off the day with a Bagel and Coffee Bar, which everyone loved! Next up, we handed out personalized cards to each employee from their manager. This was so cool. Each card was designed and tailored specific to each employee and had a hand written note inside. There were some pretty hilarious cards out there! (see pics below.) Then for lunch, we put together a Pizza and Wings Cafe for everyone to enjoy – enough food to feed a small army. If all of that isn’t enough, we had drawings every two hours for prizes. The look on everyone’s faces and what they had to say was very awesome! Below are a few quotes from our team members about VoiceNation and today:

“Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful company and such special group of people. I truly love what I do and it’s a pleasure to be able to stay involved.” – Ashley

“While working at VoiceNation, it has been is an exciting adventure of opportunity and success of building from my strong habits and weaknesses.” – Brandon

“Jay, Graham, Eric, and Sheila for allowing me to be part of the family here at VN. You all are amazing and wonderful people and it is great working for such a great company.” – Harmony

“LOVE   VoiceNation  Fun Fridays!!!!!  Food Trucks, Gift Cards, Pizza, Wings, Fun Meetings with our co-workers!!!!  Thank You VoiceNation!!!!” – Camille
“I’ve grown my skills as a designer, manager, and as a person while working here and I’m thankful to work somewhere where I’m constantly encouraged to learn about how to create a better version of myself. The investment VoiceNation makes into their employees through staff development is not just something that’s learned and left in a classroom; it penetrates into home life, parenthood and of course on the job.” – Josh
We talk a lot about the culture around the office here. Heck, we even have a whole team devoted to encouraging, coaching, and protecting the culture! We know that our people make up the culture, personality, and success of VoiceNation. This is why our hiring, training, staff development, and activities like today are so important to us. We take pride in and have great respect for the responsibility we have day in and day out here at the business, and it shows in the hard work, determination, uplifting spirits, and encouraging smiles on the faces of each and every employee. I am personally so thankful to be a part of such a business family like VoiceNation.

I would like to give a HUGE thank you to the leadership here at VoiceNation for really making everyday Employee Appreciation Day! And an even bigger thanks to all of the employees and teammates that go the extra mile in excellence to make this an awesome place for each other and our customers.

VoiceNation Employee Appreciation Day 4

VoiceNation Employee Appreciation Day 2

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