Happy Birthday VoiceNation Live!!!!!

Happy Birthday VoiceNation Live!!!!!

VoiceNation 7th Birthday

VoiceNation 7th Birthday Happy Birthday VoiceNation Live! WOW! Seven years of live answering service. It’s been amazing to look back and see where we came from and where we are now. A lot can happen in seven years. We are so excited to celebrate the birthday of our live answering service and all that it has done over the years! And we are so excited to continue to see where we are going!

Thank you so much to our amazing leaders that thought up this dream, thank you to the employees who helped make it come true, and thank you to our amazing clients that give us the opportunity to serve them! We could not be possible without each of you.

In honor of celebrating seven years, some of our employees told us some of their favorite memories….

From the first time that my daughter suggested that I apply at VoiceNation, I had no idea how I would love it here! I recall that a few years ago my son-in-law and daughter had taken the children to meet with a group to feed the homeless. I was thrilled that they were introducing my grandchildren to serving others with love and compassion. She told me that the group they went with was VoiceNation. When I researched what kind of company does this kind of service for others, I wanted to be a part of such an awesome company so I applied for a customer service position. I was thrilled to have been granted an interview and even more excited about the acceptance to join VoiceNation as a customer service trainee. My experience here has gone above any expectations that I began with and it only continues to become more excellent every day. I’m so thankful that my life has been encountered with the excellent service that VoiceNation gives. -Tami

I have learned how to be part of a family. Everyone here is so humble and kind. I am forever thankful for VoiceNation. -Holley

Since being with VN, I have met some awesome people, great work environment and people. The boss is the BOMB. There is something fun going on every day and no day is the same. So many good memories….its hard  to list them all. -LaVerne

Well working at Voicenation has allowed me to break into sales which I absolutely love. That has allowed me to support my family better than before. I really  love working for a company that gives back and I met my best friend at Voicenation ! -Camille

I’ve loved my time at VN because I’ve learned to aim for excellence while having fun in what could be a stressful environment after helping certain customers. I love going to staff development because I’ve never had a job care so much about their employees that they want to help them with personal development.  -Anahy

My best memories thus far has been first the planting of the plants as well as some of the other hands on activities that we have done in staff development. Two, is the people that I have met coming from another state with no direction . Also, I really enjoyed the memorable day celebration. It really gave us an opportunity not only to get to know one another as co-workers but, to see different personalities that you do not see on the floor. My best moment of all was the devotion time. -Stacey

I am a new employee and think that everyone here is very helpful.  It is a good feeling to know that people are genuine.   And I really have a good feeling about the company overall. Thank you and happy 7th! -Faye

Click HERE to see all the fun we had celebrating 7 wonderful years!!!

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