Quality Answering Service has been working hard to rework our customer dashboard to provide a more simple and user-friendly experience. After long hours and attention to atom-like details, we are excited to announce our new Dashboard Beta is ready!

We would like to give our customers the opportunity to login and take Dashboard Beta for a test drive. Simply go to your login screen and click “Try It Now” above your Login ID. Once you have had a chance look around, click the blue feedback tab and let us know what you think! We want to hear from you!

Be on the lookout for our Post-It notes indicating new features.

A few of the greatest features include:

SmartRoute – This feature will allow you to route or block calls based on the caller ID. For example, you will be able to tell your system that if your spouse calls, to always send the calls through directly to your cell phone... or on the other hand, if it's your ex-spouse to send the call directly to voicemail every time. SmartRoute even allows you to block all unknown numbers (call blocking is not available on PBX extensions) from reaching your mailbox or route them to any of your status profiles.

Custom Status Profiles – SimplyOne and Next PBX numbers can now create custom status profiles. Go to 'Find-me' section of the configuration section to start.

Contacts Management – You can now maintain your contacts from the dashboard. Import your contacts list and an Outlook CSV file or import from popular email accounts such as Yahoo and Gmail.

Thank you for taking the time to snoop around! We can't wait to hear what you think!