Introducing our new Business Series curriculum

Introducing our new Business Series curriculum

As a business answering service, over the years we have had the pleasure of experiencing both sides of handling the intricate details of many types of businesses, as well as handling the ins and outs of running our own business. Through this process we have learned so many things in dealing with people on both sides of the fence. Some of these were simple and straightforward and some were a little more intense, but through it all it was a great experience for us, our staff, and the businesses we serve.

Part of this knowledge has fed a new series in the specialized curriculum that we have developed. Our Business Series is perfect for companies of any size who want to help resource, train, or even retrain their people on basic fundamentals of business, or can be used by individuals to learn more about the things they should be aware of when looking for a job or even after they have landed a job.

The entire Curriculum for Abundant Living Life Skills (CALLS) was created in partnership with the experts at Georgia CALLS, a local non-profit who works with homeless families to find jobs and housing. The comprehensive classes, that are built on extensive research and evidence-based practices, are designed to teach essential skills, elite qualities, and in-depth principles that build a strong foundation for the future for individuals from all walks of life.

All of this answers the question you might be thinking of why an answering service is creating learning materials. We use these same materials in the daily staff development we do with our very own staff members. Over the next few weeks, we have developed a blog series that will highlight some of the interesting topics included in this new learning series. Topics that we will be covering our blog series include:

There are many more topics included in the overall series. You can download our Business Series for free HERE.

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