Resolving conflict in the workplace and life

Resolving conflict in the workplace and life

COnflist Resolution - Business Series

One thing that is almost 100% guaranteed in life is conflict. No matter how much you try to avoid it, it will come up at some point. The Conflict Resolution lesson in our Business Series deals with the concept that it’s not whether you win or lose, it is COnflist Resolution - Business Seriesabout how to get the best results…the right results… in any situation. We have to resolve the disagreement, struggle or conflict to eliminate the friction between people.

Conflict arises from differing personalities, viewpoints, mindsets, and even past experiences. When we look around the world today we can see conflict in all different areas of life – politics, religion, marriage finances, work, and even play. Everything we see is about one person or group wanting to get their way while the opposing person or group desires to get theirs as well. Both sides feel like they MUST be heard and for the most part that their view is the right one. The at one point one side digs their heels in and stands firm, and the other side becomes defensive and things erupt. It is a constant struggle of tug-a-war.

There are times that conflict can be avoided but when it cannot, it helps to have some tools to be the “bigger man” and work to resolve it rather than having to be the “right one.” When thinking about a business or company setting, below are a just few of the ways to work to resolve conflict rather than inspire it:

  • Remain calm – This sounds like common sense but it is harder to do when the pressure is one.
  • Listen, Listen, Listen – And this listening is not the type of listening where you are waiting to find a foothold to pounce! This is the whole listen to understand…really understand…mindset.
  • Communicate effectively – This means focusing on the positives, not being aggressive when you talk, and be open.
  • Value you the other person – This helps you focus on the best result for the situation and everyone involved and not just to get your way.

Resolving conflict is so important not only for business relationships but personal ones as well. Learning how to manage conflict, as well as yourself well, is important to having peace of mind and truly working towards the best results possible.

Be sure to check out our blog series with understanding the fundamentals of business and that answers the questions revolving around how to interact with others – Introducing our new Business Series curriculum.

For more information on our Business Series and to download this full lesson and leader’s guide, click HERE.

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