Thinking, Living and Being … On Purpose

Thinking, Living and Being … On Purpose


Why Being Intentional Matters

Down to the logo, the font type, and the dress code here at VoiceNation, everything that we do is designed to be intentional. We want people to recognize who we are simply by looking at us and we desire for others to recognize the little things that we do to make ourselves stand out. Being intentional is one of life’s greatest and toughest skills, but it is by far one of the most vital. As people, we all strive to have intentionality in our relationships, friendships, work relationships, our families, and in the way we look, talk, and behave. If you’re like me, you struggle to be intentional with a handful of things you really care about. I’ve started to ask myself, “Why is this a battle for me?” I have yet to find answers, but I hope that in this blog you will be able to gain a bit of insight on how to motivate yourself to become intentional where it counts.

My first piece of advice is this: figure out what you truly NEED. For instance, I have known for years now that I need coffee in the morning. (Okay, of course I don’t NEED it or else I’ll DIE, but you get the picture). Therefore, because I feel like I need coffee, I become very intentional when it comes to getting that coffee. Whether that means waking up a bit early to brew myself a fresh cup, setting a timer before bed so that it will automatically make itself, or leaving the house with wet hair so that I have time to make it to the nearest Starbucks, I do whatever it takes to get some coffee. All of the above are ways that I am INTENTIONALLY getting what I think I need.

So, let’s apply this coffee theory to our relationships. I live alone with hardly any friends because, let’s be honest, most of them have moved on from their crazy college years and are in different states, married, and settling into their careers. If I am focused on the importance of becoming an intentional being, then the next time I am invited to go out with a group of coworkers for dinner I will say…YES! Why? Because I have recognized my need for friendship and I am therefore being intentional about finding new friends. However, if I didn’t feel like I needed anyone, I would not place going out to dinner with coworkers on the top of my priority list.

NEEDS make you AWARE. Awareness makes you INTENTIONAL. Being intentional gives you RESULTS.

Intentionality in the Workplace

You may be wondering how this fits in with business and corporate culture. Let’s say your business could really use a logo revamp. You decide that red and orange will be your new company colors. You quickly send everything over to your graphic design team and tell them to create and produce whatever they can…and make it snappy! Due to lack of intentional marketing, your company’s followers, likes, and customer reviews have gone down by 45% since you changed the logo colors — but why?! What you neglected to realize was that the color orange symbolizes aggression and invasiveness, while red causes an increase in heart rate. Neglecting to be intentional down to the last detail could cost you and your company everything.

So, what’s the point? It’s important to realize that everything we do matters. Every comment you make to a coworker, every ounce of food you put into your body, the color you wear to an interview – yes, even those little details matter! Learning to be more intentional with the way we think, act, and respond has the potential to mark our lives with greatness. If we align ourselves with our true desires, then we can create a habit of remembering that being intentional gives us the results in our personal and professional lives that we’ve been searching for all along.


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