Virtual Receptionist: The Answer to Revolutionizing your Event Planning Business

Virtual Receptionist: The Answer to Revolutionizing your Event Planning Business

VoiceNation Event Planners Virtual Receptionist

VoiceNation Event Planners Virtual ReceptionistEvent Planners lead hectic lives. When tasked with planning and preparing for an upcoming event, an Event Planner is considering themes, agendas, and guest interests. If that to-do list isn’t involved enough…add the responsibility of scheduling vendors, maintaining customer budgets, and organizing event details. And, often times, there are multiple events taking place in the same month…or even week! Can you imagine the load it is to juggle all of those details (plus more) for multiple events? All the while, Event Planners are trying to market their business, field potential customer calls and book future events.

It can get overwhelming! And no matter the size of your business, the need for clerical/support staff to help manage details is apparent. But for many, especially smaller Event Planning businesses, hiring a traditional receptionist is not a cost effective option. However, there is an all around efficient solution–utilizing a virtual receptionist.

A virtual receptionist can handle your day-to-day functions so that you can focus your energy on the planning and execution of your events.

The Virtual Receptionist can take messages and screen calls for you.

Whether you are at an event, or you receive a call after hours, you won’t ever have to worry about missing a potential customer or vendor confirmation call again! Your virtual receptionist can field calls for you 24/7. You can trust that your virtual receptionist will give reliable and accurate information. If there are any calls that you would prefer to handle personally, your receptionist can forward those specific calls to you. With Live Message Relay and Event Registration services, your business and events will never skip a beat.

The Virtual Receptionist can keep up with scheduling.

Virtual receptionists can manage your calendar for you. They can update your calendar in real time with new bookings, date confirmations, appointments, and transportation. They can also immediately push reminders to your phone or calendar keeping you aware of event dates and details so nothing is ever overlooked. Let your virtual receptionist manage your schedule for you so you can focus on showing up and showing out!

The Virtual Receptionist is a cost effective solution.

The tasks a virtual receptionist handles are not all that different from that of a traditional receptionist. However, the service provided couldn’t be more different. With traditional receptionists, you are bound to “work-hour” constrictions. If a vendor calls after 5, it will be the next day before a return call is made. If there is down time in the office, you still pay hourly wages of the traditional receptionist. Virtual receptionists are actually the best of both worlds: always available, and you only pay them when they are performing a task for you. Exceptional services offered to you with fewer limitations and at a lower cost margin.

The beauty of utilizing this service in your Event Planning Business is you are still in control. You decide how much you want to do and how much your virtual receptionist will manage for you. A virtual receptionist frees up time and gives you a real person to trust to  handle all the things that clutter your schedule and stress you out.

Let’s us help you get setup with your personal Virtual Receptionist today, so you can focus on the things you need to. We are always available to walk you through the purchasing process and to answer your questions before, during or after setup. Start your unmatched experience of service today!!

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