Who’s your backup quarterback?

Who’s your backup quarterback?

VoiceNation answering service vs football

Saturdays and Sundays in the South during the fall are like rites of passage for most people growing up. If you grew up in the South then you probably already know where I am going with this. If not, you probably still do because many areas are the same way. One word…football. Football is one of the ultimate team sports. All parts and all position have to work seamlessly together at high rates of speed, with quick thinking, and utilizing amazing skill sets. One position going down or butting up against a super defense can spell trouble quickly. (If you need any other proof, take a look at my fantasy football team this year.) That is why there has to be a backup plan or player. The end result is always the same you play to win.VoiceNation answering service vs football

The same can be said about running a business. Everything has to work together smoothly, at a quick pace, and every position has to be covered. But what happens when things don’t go smoothly in your business? What happens when your business is growing too quickly to handle all of your customers? What when there is an ice storm and your business can’t open? These are realistic things that happen in business but many times we do not think about them until they happen. Unlike our counterparts in college football and the NFL, most businesses do not have a backup plan. This is where an answering service can step right in and take over in the game for you.

Managing the Game Plan

One of the cool perks of having a live answering service part of your game plan is that you still completely control the game, but you have the flexibility needed to scale, change, and focus on what you need to do to grow your business while the answering service takes care of your customers. Between the customized call scripting, robust online tools, and the detailed call log, you are resourced to manage the game and make adjustments as needed. And let’s be honest, just like football it is all about stats…stats…stats. You have complete access to all of this in your game managing dashboard. You can tailor your plan and scale up as needed as your business continues to grow.

The Draft

Every football team wants the most elite players on their side. Here at VoiceNation, we take this very seriously. The training, development, and quality control that is in place helps make us the most professional answering service around. The team you choose to represent your business is so important. Just as the players on a football team represent the franchise on and off the field, our customer service reps represent your business with the greatest respect and attention to detail. We are one team.

Managing the Salary Cap

Managing costs of a business gets tough. You are trying to grow your business but keep costs down…it is a delicate balance. Staffing is one of the biggest expenses in a business. So how do you grow your business, knowing that you will need more employees to handle that growth? This is where VoiceNation’s live answering services come into play. You pay one simple price a month and you have the unlimited access to all of our employees to handle your customers and clients. No longer do you have to worry about sick days, vacations, the Christmas rush, or even in the office drama that can creep up.

This may seem like a silly comparison between football and an answering service, but at the core of it, it really is very much the same. From the teamwork between VoiceNation and your business to having to be ready for game day or every phone call, the partnership is a win-win for your business. So, if you are in need of a solid backup quarterback solution or if you are ready to branch out into an expansion team, VoiceNation is here to help you through the whole process. Give us a call today or run over to our simple pricing page and sign up today. Put us in coach…we’re ready to play!

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