Is your IT budget stagnant in 2017?

Is your IT budget stagnant in 2017?

Help Desk Answering Services

Let’s admit it, working in the world of technology and managing a Help Desk can be rough. With everyone so connected at all times these days you have to be on your toes 24/7. Tech trends do not show this slowing down at all. It departments are expected to work miracles and do everything with very little – everything from managing servers, keeping the phones ringing, handling help desk calls, and troubleshooting a multitude of different OS’s, laptops, phones, and unrealistic deadlines. It is tough…very tough.

In its 2017 State of IT report, Spiceworks noted that both IT budgets and staffing will be stagnant due to Global economic and political uncertainty. All of this means that your IT department will be expected to do more with less. In the report, 64% of IT department reported no staffing changes or increases in 2017, but we all know that business needs and technology are not going to slow down and will undoubtedly increase significantly over the year. And let’s not forget about all the projects in motion of migrating your tech items to the cloud and hosted services which need to increase due to ease of use and going back to that whole notion of budgets and staffing being stagnant.Help Desk Answering Services

What is all of this driving at? How do you do more with less with what you can control? It comes down to being strategic and thrifty. Let’s have a realistic talk for a moment about how VoiceNation can help you and your IT department out. Help you save time, money, and effort with our Help Desk Answering Service. For less than what you would spend on even looking for a full-time employee, you can get your Tier level 1 support services handled with message taking, routing calls, and direct integration with help desk solutions like ConnectWise, SugarCRM, and Kayako. We literally are like an extension of your team. You can be freed up to handle the higher-level projects that will push the ball forward while we handle the more minor, time-consuming items. Plus as a bonus, we can handle those calls and tickets for you 24/7/365, so you can get a good night’s sleep (if you can remember what that feels like).

Our Help Desk services are tailored to your business and department needs. We craft each plan to meet your needs and those who you are trying to service, all the while saving you time and money.

Join the countless businesses that trust us to handle their services for them. Call one of our Customer Experts today at 877-774-1717 and find out more or hop over to our Help Desk Answering Service page and dive a little deeper and give us a try.

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